Since 2002, Cream has passionately represented and helped build the dynamic category of ginjo sake in Illinois. Our portfolio is a well curated selection from our supplier partners, Wine of Japan and World Sake Imports, two of the nation's leading sake importers. Complemented by Zev Rovine Selections focus on the more natural side of sake, this collective has something for anyone and everyone who loves this soulful, authentic, historical, and magical beverage.

Illinois sake trade, please contact or your Cream sales representative to schedule a meeting, tasting appointment, staff education, or consumer event. We are excited and honored to represent this legendary collective.


Producer Region Prefecture    
Akitabare Tohoku Website
Azuma Rikishi Kanto Tochigi Prefecture Website
Bunraku Kanto Website
Dewazakura Tohoku Reviews Website
Fuku Shogun Kanto Ibaraki Prefecture Website
Hizo Otokoyama Kyushu Website
Hoyo Tohoku Website
Itami Onigoroshi Japan
Kamoizumi Chugoku Website
Kan Nihonkai Chugoku Website
Kankiku Kanto Website
Kimurashiki Chugoku Website
Kinpou Tohoku Fukushima Prefecture Website
Kinryo Shikoku Website
Kitaya Kyushu Website
Kokuryu Chubu Reviews Website
Koshi No Iso Chubu Fukui Prefecture Website
Koshi no Kanbai Chubu Website
Masumi Chubu Website
Miyako-Bijin Kansai Website
Nagurayama Tohoku Website
OneTen Chubu Website
Sanrensei Kansai Website
Sawanoi Kanto Website
Seitoku Kanto
Sempuku Chugoku Website
Shikaio Chubu Aichi Prefecture Website
Shirakawago Chubu Website
Shirayuki Kansai
Sohomare Kanto Website
Souden Kyushu Website
Tamagawa Kansai Website
Tedorigawa Chubu Website
Tenryo Chubu Website
Terada Honke Kanto Website
Uka Tohoku Website
Uroko Kanto Website