Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Itami, Hyogo Prefecture
People: Shintaro Konishi, President


Shirayuki (720 ml) 'Edo Genroku' Junmai Genshu, Hyogo Prefecture Login In Stock

Konishi Brewing is Japan’s oldest brewery that is still controlled by the same family. Shintaro Konishi is the 15th generation to lead Konishi Shuzo in Itami, Hyôgo prefecture.

Founded in 1550, Konishi Brewing began producing sake to complement the family's pharmaceuticals enterprise. The name Shirayuki (Snow White) was adopted by Konishi Brewing in the 1600s when the second heir became deeply moved by the picturesque view of the snow-capped Mt. Fuji. Throughout history, the Konishi family has adopted new technologies and techniques. Adaptation has allowed this brewery to remain (for over 450 years!) one of the most popular breweries in Japan.

Hyogo Prefecture is an important and historical sake producing region in Japan. Itami, where the brewery is located, is in the southeast of the Hyogo Prefecture. An excellent supply of fresh water, proximity to Kyoto and the sea, and ease of shipping to Tokyo have all contributed in establishing this renown area. Historically, long and cold winters made Itami good for brewing. Today, weather is no longer a concern for Konishi Shuzo. It built a state-of-the-art, year-round brewing facility.

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