2501 W. Washington Blvd, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60612
312.421.1900 office


Monday – Thursday 9:00AM–6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM–4:00 PM

Cream Team


Andy Pates

Partner / Director of Sales & Marketing

Mark Payne

Partner / Director of Operations

Mike Kreissl

On-Premise Sales Manager

John Kersey

Sales Representative - City

Jesse Pompei

Sales Representative - City/West Suburbs

Danielle Norris

Sales Representative - City

Mike Zehe

Sales Representative - City/North Suburbs

Kyle Free

Sales Representative - West Suburbs

Molly K. Conroy

Sales Representative - City/North Suburbs

Chad Volkers

Sales Representative - City/Oak Park

Ryan Rickelman

Sales Representative - City/Northwest Suburbs

Dan O'Connell

Sales Representative - City/Evanston

Hope Harrison

Sales Representative - City/North Suburbs/Evanston


Portfolio Management

Erin Adams

Portfolio Manager

Christophe Bakunas

Spirits Portfolio Manager

Jenny Lusk

Portfolio Manager



Tori Berdelle Pates

Media & Events Manager

Bob Back

IT Manager

Tina Torres

Accounts Receivable

Elise Pescitelli


Ariana Sofiakis

Logistics Support

Lissa Dysart

Customer Service

Sara McCall

Marketing Support

Jean-Paul Gilbert

Marketing Support