Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Fukushima Prefecture, Tohoku
People: Takeo Matsumoto, Owner


Nagurayama (720 ml) 'Master's Touch' Yokikana Junmai Ginjo, Fukushima Prefecture Login
Nagurayama (720 ml) 'Snow White' Nigori Ginjo, Fukushima Prefecture Login

Nagurayama Brewing Company is located in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, from antiquity one of Japan’s most famous brewing centers, and has produced ginjo sake since 1973. Fukushima is one of Japan’s most bountiful regions, blessed with mountains, streams and rich farmlands.

In 2019, sake from Fukushima Prefecture became the first in history to achieve the most Gold Prizes in the Japan Sake Awards for 7 consecutive years.