Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Okayama Prefecture, Chugoku
People: Tou Kikuchi, President & Master Brewer (Toji) | Akinori Kimura, Rice Farmer


Kimurashiki (720 ml) Kiseki No Osake 'Miracle Sake' Junmai Dai-Ginjyo, Okayama Prefecture Login In Stock
Kimurashiki (720 ml) Kiseki No Osake 'Miracle Sake' Junmai Ginjyo, Okayama Prefecture Login In Stock

Founded in 1878, Kikuchi Shuzo is located in the old Tamashima warehouse district of the Bicchu Province, known as the river port city of Kurashiki. Fueled from the desire to progressively produce quality sake, the brand "Sanzen" (Brilliance) was born. Utilizing water from the Takahashi River basin and the vibrations of Mozart melodies, the brewery has achieved critical acclaim at the regional and national levels the last two decades. The brewery motto, "to produce sake that remains unforgettable even after only one encounter."

The current brewery president and master toji, Tou Kikuchi, is an avid violinist having studied since the age of 5. His musical accolades include having served as the conductor of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra and performed as as the lead violin for the Bulgarian National Sofia Philharmonic.

In 2010, Kikuchi Shuzo, in partnership with the Okayama Prefecture, helped to form the Okayama Prefecture Kimura Natural Cultivation Method Authority Executive Committee, and began cultivating sake rice pursuant to the Kimura Natural Cultivation Method, developed by Akinori Kimura of Miracle Apple fame. This methodology requires cultivation of an agricultural staple without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Thus the brand Kimurashiki Kiseki No Osake was born.

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