Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Hiroshima Prefecture, Chugoku
People: Kiyotsugu Miyake, President


Sempuku (720 ml) Shinriki 85 Kimoto Junmai Muroka Genshu, Hiroshima Prefecture Login In Stock

Miyake Honten Brewery, which is renowned for its sake brand Sempuku ("Brewery of a Thousand Fortunes"), is located in Kure (Hiroshima Prefecture), a city which once served as a Japanese navy base. The brewery was founded in 1856. It was destroyed during the bombing campaigns of WWII. At the close of the war, out of the dozen or so structures that comprised the brewery and its adjoining residence, only two structural walls remained standing. By late 1946, the brewery was rebuilt and resumed production.

Sempuku uses shinriki rice. Shinriki is an extremely rare kind of local rice, used as a main ingredient of sake in the Meiji and Taisho periods. Shinriki rice was thought to be extinct since the 1910-20s. In 2006, Sempuku was able to resurrect 5 grams worth of Shinriki rice using less than a handful of seeds it had found in one of its facilities. The brewery has restored the use of this special rice. Shinriki is about one third of the size of regular brewing rice; the nucleus, however, is about two times the size of regular brewing rice. Therefore, one does not need to mill away as much to achieve refined flavors.

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