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    SOIF WEEK 2023 - Event Schedule

    Full Event Schedule for
    Zev Rovine Selections
    Stranger Wine Co.
    Les Lunes / Populis
    Little Trouble Wine Co.
    Ruth Lewandowski
    Las Jaras

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    Cream Rose & Orange Wine Tasting

    We invite the Chicagoland wine community to our Rosé & Orange Wine Tasting!

    Monday, February 27th 12:30-3:30pm @bridge410chicago

    This is a TRADE ONLY event. RSVP is required to tori@creamwine.com.

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    More Amorro this February 14th

    Amorro means love. You probably knew that, but in the local dialect in Jerez, it also means to drink straight from the bottle. And if you love a wine enough to drink it straight from the bottle, you know it’s good. Vinificate gave this wine that name for a reason, and that’s because this is some delicious wine. There are so many layers to this wine; to hell with a soft sell. This wine has no business still being in our warehouse.

    Why are we showcasing this? Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Click here to search lists of items perfect for the special occasion.

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    Winter White Party on 12/12/2022

    HOSTS: Cream + Olé & Obrigado

    FEATURING: Winter White Wines & Sparkling Wine

    TUNES: DJ Audio Jack

    WHERE: The Charleston Chicago

    WHEN: Monday 12/12 from 5-9pm

    PLEASE RSVP: Industry Only Event


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    New Cream Imports: Barone di Villagrande

    We have a brand new Cream Imports producer: Barone di Villagrande. We love introducing Chicagoland to some of our favorite finds and buying directly from the source—it takes lots and lots of tasting, but bringing you the good juice / cream of the crop / is our mission.

    The story of Barone di Villagrande started 300 years ago. It is the oldest cultivation story on Etna, fundamental to Etna’s wine history, and remarkably continues today with 10th generation Marco Nicolosi at the helm.