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    Welcome to Cream: Swick Wines

    We are thrilled to now represent Swick Wines in Illinois with the help and connection of our friends at Minum Selections. For those not familiar, owner and winemaker Joe Swick creates a wide array of unique, fresh, and energetic wines from heritage and experimental grapes farmed on organic vineyards in Oregon and Washington State. Approachable in their welcomed lack of classism and convention, these evolving snapshots of winemaker and site give us excitement for what is possible.

    Joe is coming to visit June 12-16th. Contact your Cream salesperson to taste!

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    Michigan Wine Seminar & Tasting May 15th

    There is a wine movement happening in Michigan.

    History is in the making.

    Our palates are stimulated by what’s happening northeast of us. We are invigorated and state with conviction that Michigan is the new frontier for fine wine.

    We invite you to meet our producers, taste, and learn about the past, present, and future of Michigan wine.


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    Cream Sake Week May 1-5 - Event Calendar

    Join us and dive deeper into sake during #creamsakeweek May 1-5th!

    Our sake portfolio is one of the largest in Illinois and has something for anyone and everyone who loves this soulful, authentic, historical, and magical beverage. Special guests Chris Johnson and Masahiro Takeda will be in town for it!

    We invite you to attend the events! Some are industry only while many are open to the public.

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    SOIF WEEK 2023 - Event Schedule

    Full Event Schedule for
    Zev Rovine Selections
    Stranger Wine Co.
    Les Lunes / Populis
    Little Trouble Wine Co.
    Ruth Lewandowski
    Las Jaras

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    Cream Rose & Orange Wine Tasting

    We invite the Chicagoland wine community to our Rosé & Orange Wine Tasting!

    Monday, February 27th 12:30-3:30pm @bridge410chicago

    This is a TRADE ONLY event. RSVP is required to tori@creamwine.com.