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    Futures Fiesta: April 22nd

    FUTURES FIESTA (aka Olé & Obrigado Futures Tasting) is an important buyer pre-sell tasting that we host every year. Buyers get access to O&O’s most sought-after cuvées and are able to taste future releases and request quantities before they arrive in the USA. This tasting is taking place in 10 cities and limited to 100 buyers per city. ️Items will sell out!

    Lucky for us, Chicago’s event is happening in one week: Monday, April 22nd from 12-3pm

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    Join Us April 8th!

    Sometimes an importer’s name says it all. The Rare Wine Company has one of the greatest portfolios of iconic, rare wines of any wine merchant in America. We invite you on April 8th to taste these producers.

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    SOIF WEEK EVENTS March 19-24

    Click the yellow link above for our full Off-Soif Event Calendar.

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    Vinos Regionales Discovery Case

    We are pleased to share with you this special offering of Vinos Regionales Discovery Case.

    This case is a throwback to the classic wines of Spain and Portugal that celebrate the land, farmers and traditions of the region.

    In addition to honoring authenticity, these wines also support a greener planet as they are carbon neutral from vine to glass.


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    Welcome to Cream: Swick Wines

    We are thrilled to now represent Swick Wines in Illinois with the help and connection of our friends at Minum Selections. For those not familiar, owner and winemaker Joe Swick creates a wide array of unique, fresh, and energetic wines from heritage and experimental grapes farmed on organic vineyards in Oregon and Washington State. Approachable in their welcomed lack of classism and convention, these evolving snapshots of winemaker and site give us excitement for what is possible.

    Joe is coming to visit June 12-16th. Contact your Cream salesperson to taste!