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Country of Origin: Hungary
Location: Tokaj, Northern Hungary
People: Anthony Hwang, Owner | Szabolcs Juhasz, Winemaker
Viticulture: Certified Organic


Kiralyudvar Winery 2015 Pezsgo Brut Methode Traditionnelle, Henye, Tokaj Login WA 92 <1 Case
Kiralyudvar Winery 2016 Furmint Sec, Tokaj Login WA 92 <1 Case
Kiralyudvar Winery 2017 Furmint Sec, Tokaj Login In Stock
Kiralyudvar Winery (500 ml) 2011 'Cuvee Ilona' Late Harvest, Tokaj Login In Stock
Kiralyudvar Winery (500 ml) 2008 Aszu 6 Puttonyos, Tokaj Login

Hungary's Tokaj had been a prestigious wine region for hundreds of years, but fell into neglect during the 20th century. After the fall of communism, numerous groups invested in rehabilitating this nearly forgotten region. The most sagacious of these investors was Tony Hwang. In 1997, he partnered with the region's most eminent winemaker, István Szepsy, and, together, they rebuilt the historic Királyudvar estate into possibly Tokaj's finest modern practitioner.

Tony Hwang’s purchase of Kiràlyudvar resulted from a visit to Budapest that year, when he drank a Tokaji Aszú recommended by a sommelier. The wine, with its profound identity and razor-sharp balance, made such an impression that Tony drove more than 200 kilometers the next day to Tokaj, where he discovered Kiràlyudvar (pronounced Kee-RYE-oohd-var).

Just a few months after his visit, Tony purchased this estate, which for centuries had supplied Imperial wine to the Hapsburgs. The famed Tokaj winemaker Ivan Szepsy became Tonys partner, helping him rehabilitate the vineyards, while the château itself was rebuilt.

With time, Szepsy departed, and Tony assumed the reins full-time. Along the way, he was counseled by Noël Pinguet of the Loire Valley's greatest Vouvray producer, Domaine Huët, of which Tony is also a partner. Noël’s collaboration would prove invaluable, particularly his advice to convert the estate to biodynamic viticulture.

Today, Tony is rekindling the legacy of this providential wine region. But hes not stopping there, having recognized, that Tokajs historic grape varieties, with their viscous intensity and bright acidity, could produce world-class dry, demi-sec, and sparkling wines

"My enchantment with Tokaji wine and its renowned place in the history of the wine world led me down a wonderful path to Királyudvar. Together with my family, I made a commitment to the Tokaj region and secured the company's first ten hectare parcel, which eventually led to our first vintage wine, the '98 dessert Aszú." - Anthony Hwang

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  • Kiralyudvar 2015 Pezsgo Brut Methode Traditionnelle, Henye, Tokaj
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 92 (5/31/2019)

    The 2015 Tokaji Pezsg? Henye Brut is a rich, intense, full-bodied blend of 70% Furmint and 30% Hárslevel?, and this recent release combines super ripe, concentrated fruit with mineral depth and structure as well as the refreshing elegance and finesse of a great sparkling wine. It is a mouth-filling and generous wine with power and intensity as well as perfectly balanced, refreshing and refined creamy texture. It's impressively long and salty with refreshing but concentrated fruit.
  • Kiralyudvar 2016 Furmint Sec, Tokaj
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 92 (5/31/2019)

    Sourced in top vineyards such as Percze, Henye, Becsek and Nyulászó, the golden-yellow 2016 Tokaji Furmint Sec (with 10% Hárslevel?) offers a super delicate and pure yet intense and honey-scented nose with floral and stony aromas. Fermented and aged in 500-liter Hungarian oak barrels, this is a medium-bodied yet intense and structured dry Tokaji with vivacious acidity, lots of tannin grip and mineral tension. There is a perfect touch of (a few grams of) sweetness that makes this tensioned 2016 round and sexy but also dense. An impressive dry Tokaji that is purer and leaner than the sweeter and more concentrated 2008 tasted next to it!