Origen Raiz Mezcal Cenizo, Malpais, Durango (96 proof)

Origen Raiz Mezcal Cenizo, Malpais, Durango (96 proof)

Item Number: 17308

UPC: 7-500462431402

Country: Mexico
Region: Durango
Sub Region: Durango
Appellation/AVA: Tuitan
Estate Grown Wine: Yes
Grape(s): 100% Durangensis Agave
Type: Spirits - Mezcal
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 6
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 48
Viticulture: Practicing Organic
Soil Type: Volcanic
Elevation: 6,350 feet

Agave: Wild Cenizo (Durangesis), puro capón
Mezcalero: Don Valentín Cortés
Oven: Conical earthen pit
Roast: Black oak and volcanic stones
Crushing Method: Tahona wheel
Fermentation: Pine vats; wild yeast; 5-14 days with bagasso
Still Style: Copper
Distillation: Double distilled

The Cenizo grows in a mineral-rich volcanic soil and takes 13 years to mature in the Tierra de Alacranes (the land of the scorpions). The agave grows everywhere at Rancho El Ojo, and is in harmony with the environment. All agave plants are capón agaves, and more than half of them are natural capón. Natural capón means that the cattle, deer or other animals eat the quiote! Volcanic rocks from the soil mixed with black oak are used to cook the agave for four days in an underground pit. The cooked piñas are crushed by a traditional mule-drawn tahona. Fermentation occurs naturally in open pine tanks with native yeast. Cattle are central to the Durango economy (note the cow on the label); perhaps the natural yeast from the cattle ranches are what transmit a particular dairy smell on the nose. Origen Raiz is double distilled in copper stills and only rested briefly prior to bottling.

Tasting Notes: Hay, papaya, honey, clay, tomato vine, and white pepper; subtle; luscious; lingering, mildly spicy finish

About Cenizo Agave: Cenizo is a wild agave that is found in many states outside of Oaxaca. It is typically found in higher elevations and in a cold, dry climate. Many producers use the term Cenizo when referring to agave Durangesis, agave Americana, or agave Angustifolia. The Cenizo found in Durango, and used by this producer, refers to agave Durangesis. In 2018 the CRM classified agave Duranesis as the only maguey that can be referred to as Cenizo (non-certified agave spirits can still use Cenizo freely to refer to different plants).