Origen Raiz

Country of Origin: Mexico
Location: Durango, Mexico
People: Saravia Family & Cortés Family, Owners | Don Valentín Cortés, Maestro Mezcalero


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Origen Raiz is a collaboration between the esteemed Saravia family of Durango and the revered Asis & Don Valentín Cortés of Oaxaca, embarking on a holistic journey towards a sustainable future. From the restoration of grasslands at the majestic El Ojo Durango to fostering community empowerment at Las Quebradas Durango, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence steeped in Oaxacan tradition, Origen Raiz epitomizes a commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural heritage, showcased through its exquisite mezcal and sotol offerings.

The birthplace of Origen Raiz is Rancho El Ojo. The ranch is nestled within the pristine landscapes of Durango, just outside the Sierra de Órganos National Park at an elevation of approximately 6,350 feet. Rancho El Ojo is owned by the Saravia family, who act as stewards of the land to conserve the harmony and rejuvenate the health of the grassland ecosystem. Abundant with agave and dasylirion, this certified wildlife preserve not only serves as a haven for flora and fauna but also provides an ideal setting for crafting sustainable mezcals and sotols that embody the spirit of the land.

The expertise of Don Valentín Cortés, renowned for his mastery of traditional Oaxacan mezcal, merges seamlessly with the Saravia family's passion, giving rise to Viñata El Ojo. The two families now produce mezcal and sotol with much love and respect for their culture and heritage. Origen Raíz is the Cortés family’s first mezcal produced outside their home state of Oaxaca. You might be familiar with their other mezcals: El Jolgorio, Nuestra Soledad, and Agave de Cortés.

At Rancho El Ojo, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a tangible commitment, where meticulous harvesting practices ensure that only 1% of the agave is utilized, allowing the remaining 99% to thrive and perpetuate the cycle of life. Let’s do the math! 10% of all the agave on the land will go into maturity each year. From that 10%, 90% are left to complete sexual reproduction and spread their seeds to produce more agave (or 9% of the 10%). So that leaves 10% (or 1% of the 10%) of mature agave to harvest, resulting in 1% of all the agave on the ranch used for mezcal.