Country of Origin: Slovakia
Location: Sväty Jur, Bratislava, Malokarpatská
People: Nadja Peltzer & Andrej Mikluši?ák, Owners & Winemakers
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


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Nadja and Andrej have created something special in Sväty Jur, Slovakia: Naboso.

A German native, Nadja Peltzer found her passion for wine a long time ago. First as a hobby, then trying a part time job at a winery in Austria, and finally working at an amazing wine bar in Copenhagen. Falling in love with Andrej and Slovakia, she moved with him to Sväty Jur, just outside of Bratislava, and the journey of Naboso began. Besides producing wine with Andrej and managing the sales, Nadja creates ceramics under her brand earthea.

Andrej Miklušičák has been making wine for over a decade, but until now has been flying under the radar—surprising because his energy, charisma, technical understanding, and endless smile captivates everyone he meets. During those 10+ years, he gained invaluable knowledge and experience in the vineyard and cellar. His palate is extraordinary, and his will to learn and improve is endless.

Together, Nadja and Andrej combine their knowledge and experiences from the wine business to build Naboso. They are the entire team doing all of the work; it is important that they have the connection to every process in winemaking. It doesn’t hurt that they truly love what they do and find joy in the whole process.

As of 2022, they have around 5 hectares of vines just outside of their town Sväty Jur. The vineyard sites lie on granite bedrock with rich, sandy topsoil, and face south to southeast. All of the wines spontaneously ferment and age in neutral oak and/or acacia barrels. There is no mechanical stressing. The winemaking is carried out by gravity.