Domaine du Bagnol

Country of Origin: France
Location: Cassis, Provence
People: Jean-Louis Genovesi, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Certified Organic


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Cassis was first planted to the vine in the 12th century and the vineyards were developed on the north, east and southeast slopes that surround the village which sits immediately on a little bay on the Mediterranean; thus, the perfect circumstances for marrying wine to the bounty of the sea! Phylloxera wiped out the vineyards in 1870 but by 1892 the citizens of Cassis had re-established their vineyards, this time without the Muscatel variety.

Domaine du Bagnol was previously owned and run by Madame Lefevre. She passed away in the early 1990s, having reached her mid '80s. Many were despondent for losing such an amazing woman, and equally saddened because none of her immediate family had the time or the energy to follow in her winemaking footsteps. So, the Domaine du Bagnol staggered through a few vintages and was eventually sold.

That, in fact, was a stroke of good fortune. The new owner, Jean-Louis Genovesi, a native of Cassis who had departed for Paris and made his fame (and a few centimes as well) in the capital. Jean-Louis and his son, Sébastien, have revived the domaine, and the wines, both blanc and rosé, are more compelling than ever. The domaine sits just beneath the imposing limestone outcropping of Cap Canaille and is a mere 200 meters distance from the shores of the Mediterranean. The Domaine du Bagnol is the beneficiary of the cooling winds from the north, northwest and northeast (Tramontane, Mistral and Grégal) as well as the gentle sea breezes that come ashore.