Matchbook Distilling Co. 'Ritual Sister' Smoked Pineapple Spirit (80 proof)

Matchbook Distilling Co. 'Ritual Sister' Smoked Pineapple Spirit (80 proof)

Item Number: 18465

UPC: None

Country: USA
Region: New York
Sub Region: Long Island
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Pineapple
Type: Spirits - Specialty
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 6
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 40

The fire roasted, smoked, and baked pineapples ferment whole in a bath of evaporated pineapple juice and mineral water. The evaporated pineapple juice is a golden nectar; it is the consistency of honey and the color of copper rose gold. It tastes sweet, a bit tart, and oh, so pineapple. The pineapple nectar, purified water with a signature blend of minerals, and a handful of Champagne yeast are added to a tank. Meanwhile, the pineapples are smoked and roasted whole in an earthen oven pit, just like mezcal production. Approximately 800 pounds are roasted at a time with an average time 1-4 days, depending on intuition and weather. After roasting, the pineapples are added to the pineapple nectar and mineral water mix for fermentation, which lasts anywhere between 1-8 weeks. The pineapples are then crushed and distilled once on the skins via a pot column copper still.

Try Matchbook Distilling Ritual Sister in a Last Word with equal parts Ritual, maraschino, Chartreuse, and lime.