Matchbook Distilling Co. 'Day Trip' Strawberry Amaro (38 proof)

Matchbook Distilling Co. 'Day Trip' Strawberry Amaro (38 proof)

Item Number: 18464

UPC: None

Country: USA
Region: New York
Sub Region: Long Island
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Strawberry Wine / Strawberry Eau de Vie / Herbs
Type: Spirits - Liqueur & Amaro
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 19

The story of Day Trip begins with the Mattituck Lions Club Strawberry Festival, which is a local carnival devoted to all things strawberry. One year, some 2 tons of strawberries were somehow leftover and, it seemed, destined for the compost pile. Leslie's friend Joey, a Mattituck Lion and the manager of his family’s vineyard, rescued the strawberries and brought Leslie a big tote of strawberry wine. She then distilled 100 gallons into a strawberry eau de vie, which was added back into the wine with a combination of vibrant botanicals (nettle, quassia, jasmine, rose, nutmeg fruit). The liquid was left to macerate for a few months before filtering, sweetening and bottling. Leslie thought she was making a strawberry vermouth -- the first in a whole series of fruit vermouths that Matchbook would release -- that is before the government insisted any vermouth be made from wine grapes. With that, a quick pivot, a detour, a Day Trip Strawberry Amaro was born.

Day Trip is fortified strawberry wine (strawberry wine & strawberry eau de vie) infused with botanicals. It has a big strawberry flavor with a clean, bitter profile adorned with roses, coconut, and nutmeg fruit. Serve it on the rocks or with a splash of soda and a bright citrus slice.