Tequila Fortaleza

Country of Origin: Mexico
Location: Tequila, Jalisco
People: Guillermo Erickson Sauza, Owner & Distiller


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The estate and distillery are located in the heartland of the appellation zone, on the slopes of the 9,560 feet tall extinct Volcán de Tequila, in the small town of Tequila. This is where Guillermo Sauza's family has made tequila for five generations, cinco generaciones. He produces authentic, artisan, handcrafted tequila in his family's 100 plus year old distillery, named la fortaleza or fortitude. The tequila is only made one way; and that is the way of his tatarabuelo, or Great-Great Grandfather, who started making Tequila in 1860.

The old-fashioned stone milling and copper pot still process methodology results in a unique and unequaled tequila with an excellent bouquet, flavorful taste and an incomparable clean and smooth finish. In an old, brick oven, he cooks the agave for 22 hours. Then, the agave is milled, washed with the pure mountain water form the Volcano de Tequila to create an agave juice called mosto. Natural fermentation of the mosto lasts 3 to 4 days in small wood vats and then double distilled using small, copper pot stills.

One of the beautiful things about Fortaleza, is that they make a very limited amount of tequila. Due to the variances in the weather and the agave, each lot that we release has its own unique characteristics, while retaining our very singular taste. This is very similar to wine releasing a Vintage.

The packaging is unique and very memorable. The top, designed by an artist to represent a harvested agave, are hand made by the workers. The neck label proudly carries the initials of our abuelo, bisabuelo and tatarabuelo, (grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather). And the back and lot label carry Guillermo's name and are his guarantee of authenticity! When you open a bottle of Fortaleza, you can be assured that it was made 100% on the estate. On the back of each bottle there is a hand written sticker near the bottom that will tell you the lot number. The first letter tells you the style of the tequila; B (blanco) R (reposado), and A (añejo). The second letter is L (lot), and the numerical digits tell you the lot number. So R-L-05 would be reposado lot 5; one of the most sought after expressions that Tequila Fortaleza has released.


  • Fortaleza Still Strength Blanco (92 proof)
    Wine Enthusiast
    Rating: 94 (5/15/2020)

    The savory, spicy aroma hints at fresh tomato. The drying, astringent palate opens with a savory, herbal blast, rounding into sun-dried tomato earthiness, mouthwatering lemon peel and bright lemon-pepper on the long finish.
  • Fortaleza Blanco (80 proof)
    Rating: NR (11/13/2020)

    (Must Try Tequila) The tiny Fortaleza distillery is situated in Tequila town and makes small batches of tequila by hand. Sourcing its agave from the valley, there's a distinctive grassiness and warm agave character, plus lemon zest, cooling mint and sea salt.
  • Fortaleza Anejo (80 proof)
    Rating: NR (5/15/2021)

    (5 of the Best Añejo Tequila) Handmade using traditional techniques, Fortaleza's products are a nod to the tequilas of yesteryear. There are no shortcuts here; even the agave-shaped bottle stoppers are made by hand. Aged for 18 months in American oak, the añejo is referred to by Fortaleza owner Guillermo Sauza as his 'crème brûlée.' It's a moreish mix of banana, ginger nut biscuits, butterscotch, cream and sea salt on the finish.