Valle dell'Acate

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Ragusa, Sicily
People: Gaetana Jacono, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Zagra' Grillo, Sicilia Bianco DOC Login AG 87 WA 89 In Stock
Valle dell'Acate 2017 'Tenuta Ibidini' Insolia, Sicilia DOC Login In Stock
Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Tenuta Ibidini' Insolia, Sicilia DOC Login In Stock
Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Il Frappato' Vittoria Frappato DOC Login AG 93 WA 88
Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Tenuta Ibidini' Nero d'Avola, Sicilia DOC Login In Stock
Valle dell'Acate 2017 Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG Login AG 92 WA 88 In Stock

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The Sicilian winery of Valle dell’Acate has a long and storied history amongst the top estates in Sicily, as the Jacono family can trace back their winemaking roots here to the nineteenth century. It is located in the southeastern corner of Sicily, on the elegant Bidini Manor in the hills of the Dirillo Valley. The estate comprises over one hundred hectares of land, both for grapevines as well as Sicily’s famous blood oranges.

Under the direction of the current head of the family winery, the elegant Gaetana Jacono (sixth generation), many of the vineyards have been replanted to the great traditional grapes of Sicily, which are farmed organically. With the same love that tied her ancestors to the vines, along with marked entrepreneurial insight, Gaetana has devoted herself to the production of Sicilian wines - a production that has earned great recognition, even on the international scene.

The estate produces one of the finest examples of Cerasuolo di Vittoria, traditionally Sicily’s greatest wine. Cerasuolo di Vittoria was the first red wine in all of Sicily to achieve DOCG status, and to this day it continues to be one of Sicily’s greatest reds. The estate’s Cerasuolo di Vittoria is made of a blend of seventy percent Nero d’Avola and thirty percent Frappato, with the Nero d’Avola spending time in predominantly used barrique prior to bottling. The wine receives eight to nine more months of aging in bottle prior to release, allowing for the traditionally broad and velvety style of Cerasuolo di Vittoria to emerge prior to release. This is a full-bodied and complex wine, combining the dark spice notes of Nero d’Avola with the high-toned floral aspects of the Frappato. This harmonious blend displays supple tannins and sound acids to keep the wine fresh and bouncy on the palate. Valle dell'Acate wines have shown themselves to be an authentic expression of the history and character of this land.

From Vinous 12/2016
"An important, historic estate owned by the Jacono and Ferrero families and led brilliantly today by Gaetana Jacono and Francesco Ferrero, Valle dell’Acate has gone from strength to strength over the years. The Frappato is a marvelous medium-bodied, fresh, perfumed red and the Cerasuolo di Vittoria is also a standout this year."

From Wine Advocate 2/2013
"Valle dell’Acate’s lineup is full of reasonably priced wines full of varietal and regional character. It is impossible to go wrong with any of these flavorful offerings."

From Gambero Rosso 2012
“Valle dell’Acate has been considered one of the best wine areas in Sicily since it was colonized by the Greeks, who probably introduced the bush-training system still widely used in the area. The Jacono family estate, with Tania as its driving force, has worked in the birthplace of Nero d’Avola for six generations now. The winery continues to support native grape varieties and promote the local area through the eco-sustainable production of fine quality wines.”


  • Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Zagra' Grillo, Sicilia Bianco DOC
    Rating: 87 (8/6/2019)

    Easygoing aromas and flavors of apple and herbs, but perhaps a touch dilute. Nicely pliant on the rather simple, medium-long finish.
  • Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Il Frappato' Vittoria Frappato DOC
    Rating: 93 (8/6/2019)

    Inviting, perfumed aromas of violet, pomegranate, nutmeg and cilantro. Then lovely and lively in the mouth too, with similar flavors to the aromas. Finishes long and clean, with a vibrant peppery quality. Very different from the 2017 Frappato, but I can see how both will have their respective fans, so I’ll be magnanimous and won’t pick sides.
  • Valle dell'Acate 2017 Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG
    Rating: 92 (8/6/2019)

    Wild aromas and flavors of red cherry, spices and potpourri. Supple and nicely sweet but not as fleshy as I might have expected in what was generally a hot year. Good acidity underscores the wine's spicy character and provides grip to the finish. A pretty wine that showcases the hot year by finishing a little high in alcohol.
  • Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Zagra' Grillo, Sicilia Bianco DOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 89 (10/17/2019)

    Here's a pretty white wine that is redolent of white flowers and jasmine, but it also has more substantial honey-like aromas that make it a good pairing partner to a platter of grilled fish in herbs and lemon sauce. The 2018 Sicilia Grillo Zagra is a lean Sicilian white with extra volume at the back. The wine never sees oak, in order to achieve that lean, snappy style.
  • Valle dell'Acate 2018 'Il Frappato' Vittoria Frappato DOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 88 (10/17/2019)

    The unoaked 2018 Sicilia Vittoria Il Frappato is a lean-bodied red with a terrific sense of energy and pizzazz. The wine opens to a luminous garnet color with wild berry aromas followed by fresh rose and a light flower potpourri. You even get candied orange peel or canned peach. Darker tones of green olive appear on the close. Pair this wine with baked fish in acqua pazza, which is a sauce of cherry tomatoes and capers. There is a lot of personality here.
  • Valle dell'Acate 2017 Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico DOCG
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 88 (10/17/2019)

    The 2017 Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico by Valle dell'Acate shows a bit more richness and density compared to past editions. Dark cherry, blackberry, spice, rose and tilled earth emerge elegantly from the bouquet. You get capers and black olive on the close with an extra dose of cherry sourness in this hot vintage. The blend is 60% Nero d'Avola and 40% Frappato, and the wine ages in tonneaux for 12 months.