Country of Origin: Palestine
Location: Beit Jala, Bethlehem, Palestine
People: Nader Muaddi / Owner & Distiller


Muaddi (700 ml) Arak, Bethlehem Login In Stock

Arak Muaddi's mission is to craft a superior-quality arak that pays homage to Palestine's culinary heritage, while providing fair compensation to local farmers, a rewarding work environment for their team, economic stimulus for Palestine, and good memories for drinkers.

Nader Muaddi created Muaddi Distillery in Palestine to revive the traditional Palestinian spirit of Arak. Muaddi's goal was to create Arak that is made with passion, artistry, and respect for heritage. He sources indigenous grapes from vineyards located in western Bethlehem and surrounding areas and used locally grown aniseed to create his uniquely Palestinian Arak.

Muaddi's first vintage of only 480 bottles, called Arak Muaddi, earned international acclaim including a gold medal at the Berlin International Spirits Competition. His distillery uses traditional methods of creating Arak, such as aging the spirit in clay containers called "amphorae," which are handmade in Hebron.

Muaddi's mission is to kick-start an Arak renaissance in Palestine and to create a high-quality Arak that is made with passion and respect for the heritage of the drink. He hopes to show his people that Arak is a key component of Palestinian culinary heritage and national identity.

Arak's popularity has dwindled in recent years, and Muaddi fears that it may remain nothing but a part of the past. He hopes that by creating a high-quality Arak, he can restore its glory and inspire others to take pride in their heritage. Through his distillery, Muaddi's story is one of tradition, dedication, determination, and success in reviving a traditional Palestinian spirit