Elio Perrone

Stefano and Juliana Perrone. Stefano makes the wines, while Juliana takes care of sales and marketing, including designing the wine labels. (photo from rarewineco.com)

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Asti, Piedmont
People: Stefano Perrone, Owner & Winemaker


Elio Perrone 2023 'Bigaro' (Brachetto/Moscato), Piedmont DOC Login In Stock
Elio Perrone (375 ml) 2023 'Bigaro' (Brachetto/Moscato), Piedmont DOC Login In Stock
Elio Perrone 2023 'Sourgal' Moscato d'Asti DOCG Login In Stock

"Readers looking for light-bodied, gorgeously fruity, pure sparklers with unobstrusive levels of effervescence should check out these ...brilliant efforts from Elio Perrone." --Robert Parker, Jr.

Sometimes we just have to quote the big man when he hits the mark. As more Americans have discovered its extraordinary lusciousness, vivid fruit, soft mousse and captivating perfume, it is no surprise that the following for Moscato d'Asti has grown dramatically in recent years. Good Moscato is a tricky wine to make and few do it better than the Moscato specialist, Stefano Perrone, one of the rising stars of this category in Piedmont. Stefano Perrone is a former motorcycle racer who took over his father's domaine in 1989.

Sourgal, the flagship Moscato d'Asti is far from being a mass-produced effort but it is plentiful in comparison to the 650-case production of his best Moscato, Clarte made from 60-70 years old vines. The most brilliantly original wine Stefano makes is Bigaro, a sweet, lightly sparkling wine made with Brachetto and Moscato grapes that has the qualities of great Moscato d'Asti with delicate red fruit accents and deep blush hue.

By the late 90s, Stefano was looking for new challenges. He recognized that the Asti zone possessed many old Barbera vineyards. He purchased two of them, one forty years old and the other an amazing 70 years old. From both vineyards, Stefano produces Barbera that captures the ethereal freshness for which the Asti zone is noted.