Country of Origin: USA
Location: Melrose Park, Illinois
People: Karl Loepke, Owner & Head Distiller


Tamarico Licor de Tamarindo Picante (70 proof) Login In Stock

Buenas Vibras! Tamarico is the sweet and spicy liqueur with natural flavors of tamarindo, chile and chamoy.  

A new entry into the stagnant market of shooter liqueurs, Tamarico is designed to appeal to a broad array of consumers seeking a differentiated and more diverse alternative to products like Fireball or flavored vodkas like Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Vodka. 

Tamarico is made from a variety of natural flavors meant to emulate the most popular candies in Mexico. Flavors include tamarind, guajillo chile, fruity and spicy chamoy, lime, and watermelon.