Marthe Henry Boillot

Country of Origin: France
Location: Meursault, Côte de Beaune
People: Marthe Henry Boillot, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Marthe Henry Boillot is the granddaughter of Pierre Boillot, the legendary Meursault vigneron who passed away in 2004. Marthe grew up in Paris, worked as a journalist, then moved to Meursault in 2013 to follow in her grandfather's footsteps.

"In 2013, it was the right timing. I had no commitments and I was above all very motivated. I moved into the family home in Meursault and started work-study training at the Lycée viticole de Beaune. It was a good way for me to assess the physical strength that the profession of winegrower requires. Having the will is good, but you also have to be realistic: I am a girl and I am alone in taking over the estate. Yes, it was difficult but that didn't put me off. I had the invaluable support of Caroline Lestimé of Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard who was the only one on the Coast to kindly give me my chance. I was a woman, a Parisian, I didn't know how to do anything and I was on a work-study program…difficult to fight against these prejudices." - Marthe Henry Boillot, Wine for Passion, June, 4, 2020

Marthe worked at Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard during her work-study program and currently is part of the team at Domaine Rougeot. She made her first vintage of her own wine in 2017 which was around 12 barrels

When Pierre passed, his vineyards were kept in the family. In 2023, Marthe hopes to gain control of some of Pierre's 3-hectare estate. Until then, her passion project consists as a negociant, sourcing grapes from her friends in the region.

Marthe sources mostly organic grapes and vinifies and matures her wines without added sulfites, and with only a light amount added at bottling when needed.

"I first met Marthe with Zev Rovine at Chateau Beru in 2019. She and Athénaïs de Béru are good friends. Athénaïs is one of Marthe’s wine heroes and an inspiration to make Burgundy in a more natural way. Marthe is force. She is very dedicated and driven with an amazing sense of humor and spirit. Zev is now importing Marthe’s wines to the United States. We are very fortunate to get an allocation. We look forward to sharing these wines with you." - Andy Pates