Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Galicia, Spain
People: Juan Luis Mendez, Xoan Torres Cannas, & Pepe Albela, Founders | Osborne, Owners


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Nordés is Galicia in a bottle. It is named after the fresh northerly wind know as Nordés. The inspiration for its distinctive white and blue bottle comes from the the traditional porcelain products made by hand in Sargadelos, in Galicia.

One of its secrets lies in the Albariño grape. While most gins are made using neutral grain spirits, Nordés Gin is also made with alcohol produced from the native Galician Albariño grape. This unique base spirit makes an exceptionally easy-to-drink gin. The fruity notes and smooth aroma of the grapes combine with a selection of carefully macerated botanicals to create an unparalleled gin. The result is a perfect fusion of Galician and world flavors.

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin is made using 11 individually macerated botanicals. 6 of the botanicals grow wild in Galicia: sage, bay leaf, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, peppermint, and glasswort (Salicornia), which is a plant found in coastal regions that creates a distinctive balsamic aroma. 5 of the botanicals are sourced overseas: juniper, ginger, cardamom, hibiscus, and black tea. The botanicals are macerated separately before distillation. Each requires a different amount of time based on the exact aroma desired, from a few hours to almost a month in certain cases. The result is a well balanced flavor which puts it firmly among the very best premium gins.

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