Frantoio Oleario

Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Liguria, Italy
People: Made Expressly for the Isola di Borgonovo Cooperative


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Frantoio Oleario (3 L) 'La Suppressa' Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Login In Stock

The Isola di Borgonovo Cooperative's mission is to enhance the local Ligurian products while showcasing the genuine culture and unique flavors of the region.

Founded in 2005, Isola di Borgonovo was profoundly renovated in 2014 when the new board of directors relaunched the historic cooperative with enthusiasm and a desire for innovation. Thanks to the fundamental contribution of the members, the oil mill was strengthen, allowing the production and sale of extra virgin olive oil under the name Frantoio Olerario.

One of the fundamental objectives of Isola di Borgonovo is to protect the rural territory by promoting and restoring the abandoned hazelnut and olive groves built on the slopes of the Ligurian hills. They have already restored an olive grove that was abandoned for 10 years in Lavagna. They receive many requests to manage olive groves in the Tigullio region. With scarce financial aid, they have created the "adopt an olive tree" initiative. Now anyone can contribute to the enhancement of the Ligurian land and genuineness of its products.