Colectivo Mutante

Country of Origin: Chile
Location: Limari Valley, Chile
People: Cedric Nicolle & Diego Edwards, Owners & Winemakers


Colectivo Mutante 2020 'PX #1' Pedro Ximenez, Limari Login In Stock

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Inspired by their shared passion for wine, Santiago-based wine importer Diego Edwards and friend Cedric Nicolle joined forces in 2016 to form Colectivo Mutante. Looking to produce dry, still Pedro Ximenez wines, Diego and Cedric turned to the Limari Valley, where the arid desert and proximity to the coast prove advantageous to the production of exceptional PX fruit. Diego and Cedric partner with a local grower that sells Pedro Ximenez grapes for Pisco production, harvesting their grapes from a 1 hectare parcel selected for it's calcareous soil and closeness to the Pacific Ocean. Since their inaugural 2016 vintage, Colectivo Mutante remains a small project, producing just over 500 cases a year.