Del Mono

Country of Origin: Argentina
Location: Tupungato, Uco Valley
People: Matias Michelini, Owner & Winemaker


Del Mono 2022 Tinto (Malbec/Syrah), Tupungato Login In Stock

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A new addition to the Passionate Wines collection, Del Mono is the brainchild of winemaker Matias Michelini. Located in the Uco Valley of Tupungato, Mendoza, Matias strives to make experimental wines expressive of the region's cool climate and high altitude terroir. His wines are extremely low production, drawn from multiple inspirations, regions, and styles.

Del Mono, which means "from the Monkey," is crafted from village fruit sourced from sustainable, local growers in Tupungato. Aged in concrete eggs, Del Mono is vinified with minimal intervention and fermented with native yeast.