Pomarina Sidra de Asturias

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Villaviciosa, Asturias
People: Valle, Ballina & Fernandez, Owners


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Pomarina is produced by the Cardin family, who have been producing cider since 1890. Pomarina - Poma meaning "apples" in Latin - is made from estate grown apples in the village of Villaviciosa, Asturias. Located on the central eastern coastline, Villaviciosa borders the Asturian municipalities of Gijón and Siero to the west. The mild temperatures in the reegion allow the apples to ripen slowly, allowing the fruit to exhibit greater aromatic and flavor intensity.

Out of 300 varieties grown locally, Pomarina is made from 5 apple varieties that when blended together exhibit the highest level of freshness and aromatic balance. The five varieties that are chosen to make Pomarina are as follows: De la Riega (medium Acidity), Raxao (late harvest apple, high in acidity), Verdialona (sweet), Regona (high acidity and tart) and Durona de Tresali (good acidity and medium tartness).

Regulation & Quality Control: With the surge of popularity in cider over the past decade, the Spanish took cider production into a new era of quality control. 25 Cider houses, 267 growers and 587 hectares of orchards are registered and audited by the Designation of Origin Regulatory Board. This official body, formed in 2002, ensures that Asturian apples possess certain sensory qualities. This guarantees that the production, storing and bottling of the cider is controlled to give the highest quality possible. Every stage from plantation to end product is monitored, regulated, quality controlled, and given a quality certification unique to every bottle. Sealed samples are physically and chemically tested before being given the Seal of approval, certified by the Regulatory Board, as a cider protected under the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin of Asturias). Like the French fine wine and Champagne regions, the Spanish lead the way in perfecting fine ciders.

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