Sotol La Higuera

Country of Origin: Mexico
Location: Aldama, Chihuahua
People: Don Gerardo Ruelas, Master Distiller (Sotolero)


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Sotol La Higuera Leiophyllum, Chihuahua (94.6 proof) Login In Stock
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Sotol, a cherished Mexican spirit derived from the tall, spiny-leaved Dasylirion plant (known as desert spoon), embodies a rich tapestry of tradition and innovation across Mexico. Both traditional artisans and modern creators craft exquisite examples, whose diversity and production are akin to agave spirits.

Desert spoon knows no borders, growing wild in the deserts of both Mexico and the American Southwest. The heartland of sotol production lies within a designated D.O. that encompasses Durango, Coahuila, and Chihuahua. Beyond these states, sotol reveals itself under different guises like Cucharilla and Palmilla.

Enter La Higuera, a visionary endeavor aimed at celebrating the myriad flavors gifted by diverse sotol varieties. Led by the esteemed 5th generation Maestro Sotolero Don Gerardo Ruelas, La Higuera’s core lineup is a sensory exploration showcasing the essence of each variety grown within the Chihuahua terroir. La Higuera’s limited releases showcase Dasylirion spirits beyond the confines of the D.O. and offer a tantalizing glimpse into the expansive realm of terroir, craftsmanship, and variety nuances.

Dasylirion, akin to agave, yields round and spiky piñas, featuring a dense core ideal for roasting and distillation. While often likened to mezcal, Dasylirion stands as a unique botanical entity. Unlike agave, which demands a laborious process of uprooting and replanting during harvest, Dasylirion's roots remain intact, enabling regrowth and reproduction for up to a century. At the viñata (distillery), mirroring traditional and rustic mezcal distillation, sotol production is labor-intensive. Piñas undergo several days of roasting in subterranean conical ovens before manual milling into extractable pulp. Fermentation at Sotol La Higuera occurs with native yeast in 1,000-liter pine vats, followed by double distillation in copper alembic stills.

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