Mito No Kairakuen

Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Ibaraki Prefecture, Kanto
People: Kozo Kato, President | Akimi Kumagai, Master Brewer (Toji)


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Meiri Shurui was established in 1954, succeeding the Kato Sake Brewery as a collaborative venture bringing together sake brewers of Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefectures in order to produce a comprehensive portfolio of sake, shochu and liqueurs. The brewery's mission is to continuously develop and produce items of impeccable quality.

Meiri Brewery is known for its innovative yeasts, including the tenth yeast of the Brewing Society, which prompts low-temperature, long-term fermentation to produce little acidity and fragrant Ginjo aroma, and the M310 yeast, an enhancement of the tenth yeast with more fruity aroma. Both are the most commonly used yeasts to brew the award winning sake at the Annual Japan Sake Awards. The brewery is also focused on quality management, acquiring the ISO-9001 international standard, as well as dissemination of traditional brewing techniques.

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