Country of Origin: USA
Location: California
People: Xander Oxman, Geoff McFarlane & Brian Smith, Owners | Ryan Zotovich, Director of Winemaking


Pacificana (20 L) 2018 Chardonnay, California (Keg) Login In Stock
Pacificana 2019 Chardonnay, California Login In Stock

Pacificana is a fresh, modern take on classic California varietals. It embodies the bold, pioneering spirit of the California landscape and those who call it their home. It’s a happy place where the mountains meet the sand, and where the great Pacific ocean meets the sky and the waves break under its clear sunny veil. If you haven’t taken a look at what’s going on with Californian wine of late, it’s now time to look again.

For too long the Golden State has been the epicentre of "overdone wines" where butterbomb Chards and jammy Cabs are the name of the game. But there’s a new wave of winemaking taking over the California landscape. Pacificana embraces new winemaking techniques that break the rules - both in where the vineyards are located and how the wine is produced - by taking fighting varietals for a refreshing spin to create wines with characterful, elegant expressions of the great state of California. This is wine for a new generation of wine enthusiasts.

Pacificana is made by Winc.

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