Chop Shop

Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon

Country of Origin: USA
Location: California
People: Xander Oxman, Geoff McFarlane & Brian Smith, Owners | Ryan Zotovich, Director of Winemaking


Chop Shop (20 L) 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, California (Keg) Login In Stock
Chop Shop 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, California Login In Stock

Have you met Chop Shop yet? A crowd-pleasing Cabernet, perfect on its own or alongside your favorite meat dish - you can't go wrong with this one!

About Winc: Chop Shop is made by Winc. Winc’s story began in 2012 under another name: Club W. Club W was the world’s first personalized wine club. It made the process of discovering and buying wine easier than ever — and as it expanded to other facets of the experience, the owners, Xander Oxman, Geoff McFarlane and Brian Smith, realized it had became so much more than a club.

To reflect the full scope, Club W was renamed Winc. Today, Winc is reimagining every aspect of wine, from the art and science of winemaking to packaging and transport to how wine is sold, distributed, and ultimately enjoyed. All of this is done to improve the experience for consumers, create a platform for artisan winemaking, and build a grape-to-glass supply chain that's sustainable for the planet.

Although Winc sources its grapes from myriad destinations, it remains intimately connected to every facet of the winemaking process. Spearheading that commitment is Ryan Zotovich, whose wealth of experience makes him an ideal fit as the director of winemaking. From harvest to crush to bottling to sourcing unique varietals, Ryan is unendingly hands-on, to ensure that the final product always meets Winc’s vision.

About Ryan Zotovich: Ryan grew up working on his family’s vineyard in Los Osos, California. After initially choosing a computer science track in college, he grew unhappy and knew he needed a change — and then a glass of a 1995 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard changed his life. Under the guidance of the head of Cal Poly’s wine program, Ryan developed a passion for winemaking and worked as an apprentice and then assistant winemaker under Steve Clifton of Palmina and Brewer-Clifton.

Shortly after, he became the cellar master at Sea Smoke Cellars under Victor Gallegos and Kris Curran, where he learned to develop high-quality Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and became deeply interested in creating exceptional wines reminiscent of their regions. In June of 2010, Ryan and his uncle Steve partnered to form Zotovich Cellars. While at Zotovich, Ryan helped manage the vineyard, start the winery, and launch the brand in the market. His interest in working with multiple varietals and vineyards across the state and the globe ultimately drew him to Club W, where he serves as the director of winemaking, overseeing the process from start to finish.

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