Finca Adalgisa

Country of Origin: Argentina
Location: Chacras de Coria, Mendoza
People: Gabriela Furlotti, Owner | Carmello Patti, Winemaker


Angel Furlotti and his wife Adalgisa Meli arrived in Mendoza from Italy in 1900, and their family has been involved and influential in the wine industry there ever since. Through the generations they have been responsible for large and small brands throughout the Mendoza region, most importantly Bodegas Furlotti.

In 1936, Pedro Moretti and his wife Lila Elías bought a finca of two hectares of Malbec vines in Chacras de Coria. The vines were planted in 1916.

The Furlotti and Moretti families would later be united through the marriage of two of their children, and years later, in 2000 Lila Moretti and her daughter Gabriela Furlotti transformed their summer finca in Chacras de Coria into the first rural hotel of its kind: Finca Adalgisa. In 2003 they built Mendoza's smallest bodega, where only the Malbec grapes from the finca are processed. In 2004 they released their first vintage. They produce around 5,000 bottles of Malbec every year, with only 50 cases per year making it to the United States. The wine is made by famed winemaker Carmello Patti, who focuses on balance and terroir.