Autour de l'Anne

Country of Origin: France
Location: Pic Saint-Loup, Languedoc
People: Anne Paillet, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Biodynamic


Autour de l'Anne 2019 'MDXV' Rouge, Vin de France (Pic Saint-Loup) Login In Stock
Autour de l'Anne 2019 'Les Etats d'Anne' Rouge, Vin de France (Pic Saint-Loup) Login In Stock
Autour de l'Anne 2019 'Anne, A Wine Again' Rouge, Vin de France (Pic Saint-Loup) Login In Stock

Happy accident? Anne Paillet had spent years working for a large industrial company in La Defense (financial district of Paris), when a serious car accident made her realize that corporate life was not the life for her. Seeking a new reality, she left her job in 2010 to join her husband Gregory Leclerc of Chahut et Prodiges, a much praised natural wine producer in the Touraine area of the Loire.

Always up for a challenge, Anne wanted to make different wines than her husband, with different grapes on a different terroir. She also realized that she needed her own vines for the style of wine that she felt inspired to make. Anne’s friend Christophe Beau, a biodynamic producer in Coteaux du Languedoc, offered her a partnership on his 6-hectare estate, renting her 2.5 hectares of his land. In 2011 Autour de l’Anne was created with the help of Christophe and his son Victor. Today, she works with her grower friend Ludovic Gervais in Pic Saint-Loup.

Anne manually harvests the grapes. Fermentation occurs naturally with wild yeast in concrete tanks without any SO2. The particularity of the estate is that at the end of fermentation, Anne takes the wine to the Loire to finish its aging inside Gregory’s winery. Anne's wines tends to be more similar to wines from the Loire Valley than the Languedoc. She avoids heaviness and high alcohol level, preferring lighter, terroir-expressive wines. She has coined the term "Loire-doc" to describe her wines.

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