Uroko (720 ml) Yamahai Koshu Junmai, Tochigi Prefecture

Uroko (720 ml) Yamahai Koshu Junmai, Tochigi Prefecture

Item Number: 18770

UPC: 4-991092003016

Country: Japan
Region: Kanto
Sub Region: Tochigi Prefecture
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Gohyakumangoku Rice
Type: Sake - Junmai
Style: Junmai
Bottle Size: 720 ml
Pack: 12
Closure: Screw Cap
Alc by Vol(%): 17

This sake has been bottle-matured in the brewery’s cave for 240 days. Shimazaki Brewery utilizes an old WWII tank-building cave 800-meters deep for sake storage. They acquired the cave in 1970 and started making long-term aged sake. The consistent humidity and micro-climate (averaging 10°C) within the cave tunnels yield a distinctively mellow texture and profile. They are now seen as a leading brewer of long-term aged sake.

Tasting Notes: This flavorful sake is quite complex with a mellow and round texture. It is slightly herbaceous and mildly nutty on the palate. It is best served either chilled or at room temperature.

Milling: 65%
Rice Variety: Gohyakumangoku
Sake Meter Value: +2.5