Hoyo (1.8 L) 'Genji' Junmai, Miyagi Prefecture

Hoyo (1.8 L) 'Genji' Junmai, Miyagi Prefecture

Item Number: 18220

UPC: 0-814829073745

Country: Japan
Region: Tohoku
Sub Region: Miyagi Prefecture
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Kura no Hana Rice
Type: Sake - Junmai
Style: Junmai
Bottle Size: 1.8 L
Pack: 6
Closure: Screw Cap
Alc by Vol(%): 15

With its distinctive taste of cedar, grass, and citrus, the Hoyo Genji Junmai delivers a crisp and refreshing “cold sake” experience. It falls midway between robust junmai and refined ginjo sake expressions.

Pairing Suggestions: Genji’s crispness and clean taste makes it a great sake for sushi dining. It is especially enjoyable with seared tuna or bonito and exotic vegetables like asparagus and artichoke. Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Milling: 55%
Rice Variety: Kura no Hana
Acidity: 1.7
Yeast: Miyagi, Association No.901
Sake Meter Value: +4.0

Brewery Profile: Uchigasaki Brewing Company was founded in 1661, and its Hoyo label has been in continuous production for over 350 years. Today, a small crew of six works through the winter months using almost entirely traditional tools and techniques to produce several locally sold labels.