Isola di Borgonovo (500g) Chestnut Honey

Isola di Borgonovo (500g) Chestnut Honey

Item Number: 15099

UPC: None

Country: Italy
Region: Liguria
Estate Grown Wine: No
Grape(s): Honey
Type: Food - Honey
Bottle Size: 500g
Pack: 6
Closure: Screw Cap

Honey is the ultimate embodiment of terroir: specific flora from bees’ local environment shapes the flavor, viscosity, and color of their honey, resulting in a distinctively unique product that is truly reflective of place. Chestnut honey is an example of a honey that truly shows its place. Chestnut honey is a monofloral honey produced by bees that feed on the nectar of the white and pink bell-shaped blossoms of chestnut trees.

The Isola di Borgonovo Chestnut Honey is made by bees feeding in chestnut forests in the hills of Liguria, Italy. The chestnut honey production season is short. The bloom period lasts between 12 to 18 days and begins late June to early July.

What makes Chestnut honey stand apart from other honeys? Chestnut honey is perfect for those who appreciate a less sweet and more complex taste. This type of honey is only mildly sweet. It has savory and bold flavors, which can include hay, bark, herbs, smoke, leather and spice. The tannins from the chestnut tree give this type of honey a color that can range from a golden brown to nearly black and impart bitterness/slight tartness on the finish. This particular honey crystallizes slowly because of its high percentage of fructose.

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