Country of Origin: Portugal
Location: Funchal
People: Anibal & Luis d'Oliveira, Owners & Winemakers


D'Oliveira 1977 Bual, Madeira DOC Login WA 94 In Stock
D'Oliveira 1982 Bual, Madeira DOC Login
D'Oliveira 1984 Bual, Madeira DOC Login In Stock
D'Oliveira 1994 Malvasia, Madeira DOC Login In Stock
D'Oliveira 1988 Terrantez, Madeira DOC Login WA 93 WA 87 JG 92 DEC 91 In Stock
D'Oliveira 1973 Verdelho, Madeira DOC Login WA 89 AG 93
D'Oliveira 1981 Verdelho, Madeira DOC Login In Stock
D'Oliveira 1986 Verdelho, Madeira DOC Login WS 93
D'Oliveira 1994 Verdelho, Madeira DOC Login AG 91

D’Oliveira is one of the greatest of the classic Madeira shippers, and one of the few to survive from the pre-phylloxera era. Founded in 1850, and an amalgamation of firms dating back to 1820, it is today housed in cellars that date from 1619. This small jewel of a company has always been owned by the D’Oliveira family, its vineyard holdings built up over time through a series of marriages with other wine producing families.

But what is really extraordinary is that D’Oliveira has held on to many of its most famous vintages, creating a unique, and irreplaceable, stock of old wines. And remarkably they are all D’Oliveira wines, not purchased from other shippers or growers. Thus, whether an 1862 Sercial or a 1922 Bual, all were produced by the D’Oliveiras and their ancestors, and generally from their own vineyards in São Martinho, one of the great viticultural sites in Madeira, lying just to the west of Funchal along the island’s south coast.

D'Olivera's house style can best be characterized by very powerful aromatics, great lushness and viscosity, incredible structure, and a tangy character that is essential to the finest wines of the 18th and 19th centuries. As is typical of the most traditional of houses, wines are kept in cask and bottled according to demand.

Wine Advocate 2020
"Known for its unrivaled stocks of old wines, which are generally bottled only on sale, d'Oliveira's house style is powerful and muscular, and the wines are invariably characterful if sometimes a little unpolished. The recent releases reviewed here give some idea of the broad range this house is uniquely capable of offering."

Wine Advocate 2012
"It was in 1850 that João Pereira d’Oliveira founded his company. He initially sold wines to other shippers, and it was not until the 1970s that they began to sell Madeira wines under their own label (though they continued to sell and buy lots, to and from other shippers.) It is a small company, but there are plentiful stocks of reserve wines. Their policy is to bottle on demand, which means their vintage wines can invariably benefit from extended cask aging."

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  • D'Oliveira 1988 Terrantez, Madeira DOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 93 (11/1/2008)

    The D'Oliveiras 1988 Terrantez is a wine that invites a moment of quiet contemplation, making it the perfect wine with which to end this incredible tasting. There is a highly attractive creaminess as layers of roasted nuts, cloves and leather open up in the glass. This generous, sweet Terrantez offers outstanding length, with lingering notes of sweetness and acidity that intermingled on the, intensely satisfying finish
  • D'Oliveira 1973 Verdelho, Madeira DOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 89 (8/31/2012)

    The 1973 Verdelho has fine definition and focus on the nose with light resin and honeycomb aromas. The palate is medium-bodied with crisp acidity with lightly honeyed fruit, white pepper, freshly shaved ginger and spice. There is fine weight and composure on the finish with that ginger tang lingering on the aftertaste. This is very attractive. 
  • D'Oliveira 1988 Terrantez, Madeira DOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 87 (8/31/2012)

    The 1988 Terrantez lacks a little clarity on the nose with smudged toffee-tinged aromas. The palate is soft and caressing in the mouth. It is missing a little presence, but the walnut-tinged finish is pure and pleasing.
  • D'Oliveira 1977 Bual, Madeira DOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 94 (11/1/2008)

    The 1977 D’Oliveiras Boal Reserva reveals superb depth and precision in its leather, spices, toffee and espresso. Smooth and remarkably balanced on the palate, this Madeira offers tons of length and plenty of style.
  • D'Oliveira 1988 Terrantez, Madeira DOC
    John Gilman View from the Cellar
    Rating: 92 (3/1/2014)

    The 1988 Terrantez from Pereira d’Oliveira is an excellent wine. The superb nose wafts from the glass in a complex mixture of raspberries, leather, honey cake, salty soil tones, a potpourri of spices, orange zest, a touch of molasses and a topnote of lavender. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied, complex and beautifully balanced, with a lovely core, fine focus and a very long, tangy finish. The 1971 Terrantez from d’Oliveira is more transparent than this wine, but I wonder if that character will start to emerge as this wine has an opportunity to evolve in bottle? A fine wine. 2014-2100.
  • D'Oliveira 1973 Verdelho, Madeira DOC
    Rating: 93 (6/1/2013)

    D'Oliveira's 1973 Verdelho Riserva was an inspired match to the hen egg custard. The richness of the wine, much of which comes from its aging, paired beautifully with the silkiness of the Périgord truffle ragout. Today it is easy to forget that Madeira was once served at the dinner table, rather than after the meal, as is now much more common.
  • D'Oliveira 1986 Verdelho, Madeira DOC
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 93 (4/30/2016)

    This is loaded with dried mango and apricot flavors, flanked by notes of cinnamon and allspice. Dry, with plenty of seductive smoky accents. The bright finish offers citrus zest, dried rosemary and sea salt hints. Drink now through 2030.
  • D'Oliveira 1988 Terrantez, Madeira DOC
    Rating: 91 (1/1/2016)

    This grape is as rare as hen's teeth, having been driven almost to extinction, but is still much sought-after. Fragrant and floral aromas of candied fruit and rose petals; not especially rich, with a bittersweet twist. Very fine and delicate with ravishing acidity and length.
  • D'Oliveira 1994 Verdelho, Madeira DOC
    Rating: 91 (10/8/2019)

    The 1994 Verdelho, bottled in 2018, is worth seeking out. The well-defined nose features sandalwood, stem ginger and freshly baked flapjacks still warm from the oven. The palate is clean and fresh, a little tight at first but opening nicely with ginger and molasses toward the focused finish. This is a well-crafted and poised Verdelho that expresses the grape variety very competently. Excellent.