Benjamin Chapman

Country of Origin: Canada
Location: Canada & Kentucky
People: Made expressly for the Sebastiani Family


Benjamin Chapman whiskies celebrate the sophistication and refined aesthetic of the 1960s. Though the true identity of Benjamin Chapman remains a mystery, he is remembered as a fascinating man with a taste for the finer things in life. Crafted in small batches, these whiskies embody his legacy with legendary smoothness and elegance.

Benjamin Chapman 7-Year Rye is fashioned with a blend of 51% 10-Year Canadian Rye and 49% 7-Year Canadian Prairie Wheat. The rye is distilled by artisans with pure glacial water sourced from the northern Rockies in an old-fashioned pot still for a clean and flavorful profile. Aged in white oak casks for just over ten years, an optimum level of char adds complex layers of vanilla and spice. The Canadian Prairie Wheat is distilled in continuous triple column stills and aged for a minimum of seven years in American oak whiskey barrels for a rich and bold style of whiskey. Blended together for the perfect combination, the result is an exceptionally distinctive small batch whiskey.

Benjamin Chapman 4-Year Corn is fitted with a mash of 80% Corn, 11% Rye and 9% Malt. Sourced and produced in the United States, the water source for distillation is Kentucky Limestone Water which imparts important minerals and acts as a unique filter for the base liquid. The primary distillation takes place in a column still with the subsequent distillation in a continuous pot still that acts as a doubler to extract flavors. After distillation, the whiskey is then placed in bourbon seasoned barrels that had been used to age bourbon for just 2 years from new barrels. The liquid is then aged for four years in barrel, reaching the optimal amount of time for oak influence. The result is a remarkably unique and smooth, small-batch whiskey.

About the Bottle Design: Nostalgic in its design, the diamond faceted bottle evokes the elegant crystal tumblers often used in Benjamin Chapman’s era for classic whiskey cocktails. A prominent “BC” signature is etched on the bar top as a playful nod to the inscription he is said to have left behind on his hotel receipts and restaurant bills. The label’s subtle textured lines conjure the fashionable tweed suits of the early 1960s, while the gold foil motif represents the traditional gold cuff links and men’s jewelry often worn in that era. An intricate diamond pattern lays vertically over a brilliant emerald green, recalling a silk tie motif popular in Benjamin Chapman’s day.