Pazo de Galegos

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Rías Biaxas, Galicia
People: Manuel Garcia, Owner | Paul Garcia, Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Pazo de Galegos is a wine made in the Rías Baixas region in Galicia in northwestern Spain. It has many qualities that are subtle and not apparent at first glance. The word, "pazo" means more than a domain or an estate. To qualify, a "pazo" must have a shrine, an inn where pilgrims can stay and a small vineyard. It is a place that nourishes the soul and the heart. "Pazos" are found in Galicia along the Camino de Santiago, the historic pilgrimage route. The people from this part of Spain are called galegos. Pazo de Galegos is a wine that shows depth, balance and equilibrium.

Manuel García founded Pazo de Galegos in 1989 owning today 25 acres (10 Ha) of vineyard of white Albariño and red Mencía grapes. His first vintage was in 1989. Pazo de Galegos is located in the Valle del Ulla, which is one of the sought after subzones in Rías Baixas. This subzone has a drier, warmer climate, which allows the difficult-to-ripen Albariño grape to reach full maturity consistently year after year. Pazo de Galegos is a small estate that produces less than 2,000 cases per year.

Soil: The topsoil is sandy with clay subsoil. The sandy soil retains heat, drains water quickly, is low in organic material and low in pH content. The main quality of its clay subsoil is water retention, which is very positive due to the warm topsoil. The cool temperatures increase freshness and aromatic expression (increased acid), supported by a soil bed that allow its grapes to ripen in a low moisture environment, with ample water-nourishment from it's water retaining subsoil. Its low organic material limits vegetative growth, thus keeping yields naturally low, resulting in more concentrated fruit flavors.

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