Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Alto Piemonte
People: Andrea Mosca
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


Andrea Mosca abandoned his career as an architect nine years ago and acquired three hectares of vines in and around the village of Brusnengo, in the heart of the Bramaterra appellation. Christening his project NOAH, after his then-newborn son Francesco Noah, Andrea quickly set to producing thrillingly pure wines beginning with the 2011 vintage. Bramaterra—a portmanteau of bramare (“too long for”) and terra (“the land”)—is undoubtedly a fitting home base nomenclature-wise for one who changed careers in the manner of Andrea, and he has since acquired a hectare and a half in the neighboring appellation of Lessona as well. Today, with nine harvests under his belt, he exudes the quiet confidence of a skilled winegrower—always seeking to coax further expressiveness from the land to which he returned.

NOAH is comprised of vineyard sites in three distinct terroirs: Costa della Sesia, Lessona, and Bramaterra, the majority of which lay in Bramaterra. The landscape of Bramaterra is distinguished by its red volcanic soil known as porphyry. Like Lessona and the other appellations of the Alto Piemonte, the dominant grape of Bramaterra is Nebbiolo, and occasionally Croatina and/or Vespolina. Bramaterra is wild yet structured with hefty tannins that allow for long aging. Lessona, while Bramaterra's direct neighbor, is comprised of a much sandier soil that offers wines of elegance and softer tannins.