Domaine Gavoty

Country of Origin: France
Location: Cabasse, Provence
People: Roselyne Gavoty, Owner & Winemaker
Viticulture: Certified Organic


Roselyne Gavoty is the eighth generation of Gavoty to helm her family’s domaine since her ancestor Philémon acquired it in 1806. Roselyne has been involved at the estate since 1985. She oversees 50 hectares of vines in the commune of Cabasse on a Roman-era farm called Campdumy ("harvest fields" in old Provençal). The farm is situated along the snaking Issole River in the northwestern sector of the Côtes de Provence appellation. Surrounded by oak and pine forests and bordered by the Issole, Domaine Gavoty is a polycultural farm encompassing 110 hectares in total, and the family has worked the land without synthetic chemicals for decades, obtaining organic certification in recent years. The winery is a no-nonsense structure filled with old cement and steel tanks.

Whereas much currently trendy Provence rosé gets by on being light enough in color and innocuous enough in flavor, Gavoty’s are first and foremost wines—refreshing in spirit as befits the appellation, to be sure, but resonant and thought-provoking as well, with notably gorgeous textures. In fact, Roselyne considers texture to be the most important element in great Côtes de Provence rosé, and her wines uniformly hit bullseyes in that department. A lot of rosés dash quickly down the throat, sprinkling a few candied red fruits along the way; Gavoty’s caress the palate, with rich but nimble fruit fused to an underlying salinity, and finishes that blossom and linger. This is the kind of rosé that ignited interest in the appellation in the first place. How satisfying it is to see that such wine still exists, and in such dazzling fashion as at Domaine Gavoty.

The Gavoty family has historically sold nearly all its output to fine dining French restaurants. Their lofty reputation in their home country was underlined by the reactions of Rosenthal's other growers, who responded to the news of their impending partnership with uniform surprise and praise.

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