Country of Origin: Italy
Location: Chiavari, Genova
People: Barbieri Family, Owners


Barbieri (200g) Crema Chiavarina (Hazelnuts & Cocoa Spread) Login In Stock
Barbieri (200g) Crema Nocciole Noire (Hazelnuts & Cocoa Spread) Login In Stock

Barbieri was founded on May 1, 1968 in Chiavari by Sergio and Carla Barbieri in partnership with Valentino Graglia, a historic baker of Piedmontese origins.

Sergio Barbieri grew up in Borzonasca, a commune of Genoa located about 25 minutes inland from Chiavari. At the age of 11, he was sent to work in a bakery in Serravalle Scrivia to help his family. Little did he know that this work would begin his story as an artisan baker. Working in various bakeries, learning new techniques, he passion grew until he took over a bakery in Borgonovo Ligure in 1966—his first business on his own.

Today, Sergio and Carla’s family passionately continues their story. Their credo is to enhance the local Ligurian traditions by showcasing the typical and unique flavors of the region. They use the best quality ingredients available. They specialize in pastries, leavened baked products, and Ligurian gastronomy.