Martin Nittnaus

Country of Origin: Austria
Location: Gols, Neusiedlersee, Burgenland
People: Anita & Hans Nittnaus, Owners | Andreas & Martin Nittnaus, Winemakers
Viticulture: Certified Biodynamic


The Nittnaus family has a long history in the Neusiedlersee region of Austria, with almost a hundred years of winemaking under their belt. Husband and wife Anita and Hans are head of the operation, but in 2014 their sons, Andreas and Martin, began to convert 15 percent of the family winery to their own project. The Martin Nitthaus label is the result of this experiment, an exciting and focused roster of wines with natural winemaking as its core philosophy. With biodynamic farming in the fields and the lightest hand in the cellar—low fining, filtering, and sulfuring—drinkers get a taste of the unadorned terroir of this unique region, one that is known as much for reds as it is for whites. The Brothers Nitthaus embrace Austria’s beloved grapes but offer a strictly modern interpretation.

They are located in Burgenland in eastern Austria, close to the Hungarian border. Martin Nittnaus describes it as more like Florida than the Alps: humid and sunny, with small rolling hills of vineyards and a huge lake at the center of town. With extremely hot summers and cold winters, they achieve ripe fruit but have ample water supply and cool temps to keep that structure humming. Nittnaus has been known to compare his wines to Beatles’ albums--whether you pick up a Sgt. Pepper or a White Album, you’ll most definitely be moved by their groove.

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