Domaine Louis Magnin

Louis & Béatrice Magnin

Country of Origin: France
Location: Arbin, Savoie
People: Louis & Béatrice Magnin, Owners & Winemakers
Viticulture: Certified Organic


While prospecting in the Savoie, the search for the best Mondeuse has to be conducted in the village of Arbin, the home of this fascinating grape. In Arbin, the Domaine Louis Magnin surfaces to the top as does the richest cream. This domaine devotes 55% of its eight hectares to Mondeuse, all planted within the confines of Arbin in the sector known as the Combe de Savoie. Another 30% of the vineyards are devoted to the Roussanne grape, known locally as Bergeron, all of which are situated in the neighboring village of Montmélian, equally renowned for its affinity to the Bergeron. The remaining 15% of the holdings are planted to Altesse and Gamay.

Louis and his wife, Béatrice, are dedicated to organic viticulture (certified since 2012). Further, certain parcels are treated according to biodynamic principles. The vineyards, in general, face south-southeast and are planted on steeply-sloping hillside sites the soil of which is a clay and limestone mix. Almost all vineyard work must be done by hand.

Vinification of the whites is done primarily in stainless steel with malolactic fermentation following the primary alcoholic fermentation. However, the 'Roussette de Savoie' is fermented in barrels of 500-liter size; this then being followed by a period of batonnage and elevage on the fine lies. Depending on the cuvée, the Mondeuse may see an elevage exclusively in stainless steel or there will be an elevage in barrel of different ages and sizes.