The Alex Cooper Project

Country of Origin: USA
Location: Sonoma, California
People: Rodney Alex & Rick Cooper, Owners | Guy Davis, Winemaker


The Alex Cooper Project 2013 Red, Doug Rafanelli Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley Login In Stock
The Alex Cooper Project 2014 Red, Doug Rafanelli Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley Login In Stock

The goal of The Alex Cooper Project is to make wines that truly and proudly represent a place. The Alex Cooper Project sources outstanding fruit, and lets it shine on its own.

Rodney Alex has been in the wine business in Chicago for over 20 years; The Alex Cooper Project is his first adventure into the world of winemaking. "For me it started in Durham NC in 1988 at the Duke University Gardens. I was having a picnic with a date. I picked up a bucket of KFC and my first bottle of wine, a bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel. Can't even remember her name but I do remember how the slightly sweet under ripe strawberry tones of the wine brought out the herbaceous spiciness of the fried chicken. Fast forward to 1995, after graduation from Loyola University, my first job was a salesperson for Direct Import Wine Company. I couldn't believe that someone would actually give me a bag full of wine and send me out on the street."

After several years working as a wine salesperson, Rodney switched to the restaurant industry and worked as a server, in management and finally owning his own restaurants: Taste, Juicy Wine Company and Rushmore Fine American Food. During this time, his love for food and wine continued to blossom.

In 2010, Rodney packed up his wagon and moved west to start a wine brand. With the help of good friend Guy Davis, he was introduced to legendary vineyard owner Doug Rafanelli. The two hit it off immediately as both loved classic cars, motorcycles and Italian food. The Rafanelli family has been farming Dry Creek Valley for three generations. Rodney contracted fruit from Doug and started making wine; however, it became apparent that he needed a strong business partner to get his brand off the ground. Good friend Rick Cooper is an independent record promoter with his 40 years in the music industry, starting at Northern Illinois University when he brought bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Grateful Dead to campus. Respecting Rick Cooper’s strong business acumen, Rodney reached out to him and the team was born. Through patience and perseverance, they are finally able to present The Alex Cooper Project to the market.