Since 2002, Cream has passionately represented and help build the dynamic category of ginjo sake in Illinois. We are thrilled for our partnership with the Takeda family and Wine of Japan. WOJ has been discovering, developing and importing the highest quality level of sake, spirits and beer to the United States for over 40 years and spanning 3 generations. In one word, LEGIT. Of all the importers in the market, WOJ is most in line with our ethos and core principles with an emphasis on:

  • Pricing and supply transparency
  • Long term thinking and proactive planning
  • Wide and thoughtful selections of regional, authentic, unfortified sake
  • Local heirloom rice and water sources
  • Open mindedness to the cutting edge and experimental
  • Sustainability in business, rice growing and brewing methods

While WOJ has a massive portfolio, please know that we are currently working with the following producers and will be adding more over the coming months as we expand the growing footprint of quality sake in both restaurants and retail shops.

Illinois Wine Trade, please contact or your Cream sales representative to schedule a meeting, tasting appointment, staff education or consumer event. Illinois sake consumers, please also send us requests for information including events, happenings and where to find these wonderful products.

We are excited and honored to represent this legendary collective.


Producer Region Prefecture    
Azuma Rikishi Kanto Tochigi Prefecture Website
Hizo Otokoyama Kyushu Fukuoka Prefecture Website
Itami Onigoroshi Japan Japan
Kaiun Chubu Shizuoka Prefecture Website
Kan Nihonkai Chugoku Shimane Prefecture Website
Kimurashiki Chugoku Okayama Prefecture Website
Kinpou Tohoku Fukushima Prefecture Website
Kinryo Shikoku Kagawa Prefecture Website
Kisosansen Chubu Aichi Prefecture
Kitaya Kyushu Fukuoka Prefecture Website
Koshi No Iso Chubu Fukui Prefecture Website
Madonoume Kyushu Saga Prefecture Website
OneTen Chubu Gifu Prefecture Website
Sempuku Chugoku Hiroshima Prefecture Website
Shirakawago Chubu Gifu Prefecture Website
Souden Kyushu Fukuoka Prefecture Website
Tenryo Chubu Gifu Prefecture Website

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