Country of Origin: Japan
Location: Gifu Prefecture, Chubu
People: Ms. Rieko Hayashi, President & Master Brewer (Toji)


OneTen (300 ml) 'Purple' Yamahai Junmai Ginjyo, Gifu Prefecture Login In Stock

Founded in 1920 by Eiichi Hayashi, the Hayashi Hoten Brewery is currently under the 5th generation stewardship of Rieko Hayashi. Ms. Hayashi's Hyakujyuro (OneTen) brand was born from her vision to communicate a message of peace throughout the world via a glass of sake. Her motto is that joyful brewing leads to joyful camaraderie leads to joyful consumption.

OneTen originated from Mr. Hyakujyuro Ichikawa, a kabuki actor who donated the roughly 1,200 cherry trees that are planted along the banks of the Shinsakaigawa River. In the spring, more than 200,000 people visit the area to view the cherry blossoms; they gather and feast underneath the beauty. Just like how the cherry blossoms bring people together, OneTen sake is meant to encourage gathering and communication between people.

Located just west of Kakamigahara City, Hayashi Honten finds itself in between two great rivers: the Nagara River and the Kiso River. The brewery gets its water from a 100-meter deep well fed by the clear waters of the Nagara River (literally "long and good river") which flow from the Dainichigatake Mountains in the northwest of Gifu Prefecture, known as the Japanese Alps.