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    We've Got Sotol!

    First tequila, then mezcal, then raicilla, then bacanora and now sotol. We’re in love with Mexican spirits and are ecstatic to introduce Sotol La Higuera to the fabulous Land of Lincoln!

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    Wyncroft = Dialog Change

    Jim Lester and Daun Page are changing people’s perception of Michigan wine. For too long, the dialog around the great wine regions of the world has skipped over Michigan. Revelations come from tasting, and Wyncroft’s wines prove that Southwest Michigan has a great and wonderful, yet undiscovered, wine potential. The husband and wife team are producing profound wines with a French sensibility. We’re proud to tell their narrative and break all preconceived notions of Michigan wine.

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    “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…”

    Thank you to everyone who came out to our 9th Cream Warehouse Tasting & Sale.

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    257 Years

    Hold out your glasses Cream customers as we are now serving you 257 years of Champagne history and expertise!

    Founded 16 years before our very own country, Champagne Lanson is one of the oldest, family-run Champagne houses. Over the years, the winemakers behind this famous label have carefully perfected their art, passing down the secrets of their craft from one generation to the next. Today’s owners, Philippe Baijot with his son Enguerrand Baijot (Sales Director), have invested in Lanson’s infrastructure while adhering to the unique history and style of the house. The quality has never been better.

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    AGAVE WEEK: April 10th - 13th

    Some how, some way, we’ve managed to convince most of our agave book to come to Chicago, together, during the same week. Get ready for the agave invasion! Click the heading to find out about the events!