Koch el Mezcal Espadin, Oaxaca (94 proof)

Koch el Mezcal Espadin, Oaxaca (94 proof)

Item Number: 9088

UPC: 7-503021076007

Country: Mexico
Region: Oaxaca
Sub Region: Oaxaca
Appellation/AVA: San Baltazar Guelavila
Grape(s): Cultivated Espadín Agave (Angustifolia)
Type: Spirits - Mezcal
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Pack: 6
Closure: T Top
Alc by Vol(%): 47

Village: San Baltazar Guelavila
Mill: Tahona (traditional milling stone) and horse
Ferment: Pine vats with wild yeast
Distillation: 2x in copper alembic

Tasting Notes: Fruity aromas with light smoke; sweet and slightly bitter on the palate; long, spicy and powerful finish

There is a wide variety of species of agave plants and each one of them produces a different variety of mezcal. Each resulting variety has its own set of concrete characteristics that are very unique and specific, and are also influenced by the area of growth of the agave plant and its transformation process. Espadín is the most widely cultivated agave for the production of mezcal.