Chateau Le Bergey

Country of Origin: France
Location: Saint-Loubès, Bordeaux
People: Gerard & Damien Laurent, Owners | Jean-Philippe Fort, Oenologist
Viticulture: Certified Biodynamic


Château Le Bergey is the entry level label of Château L’Escart, a Bordeaux Superior winery run by Gerard and his son Damien Laurent. Damien Laurent is a seventh generation winemaker. The château and the vineyards have been used for winemaking since 1752. Château L’Escart is located in the little town of Saint Loubes surrounding the Dordogne River. The estate is 116 acres with vines averaging 43 years of age. The property is organically farmed and managed for quality throughout every winemaking process.

Their winemaking is focused on producing bottles that the reflect the agricultural heritage that they are so deeply ensconced in. Located in the town of Saint-Loubès, their vineyard is a 91.5 acre site composed of fine gravel and clay-limestone soil. The limestone in the soils gives wines their freshness, length, and distinction. The clay contributes to their strength and density.