Domaine Huet

Country of Origin: France
Location: Vouvray, Loire
People: Istvan Szepsy & Anthony Hwang, Owners | Jean-Bernard Berthomé & Benjamin Joliveau, Winemakers
Viticulture: Certified Biodynamic


Domaine Huet 2015 Vouvray Petillant Brut AOC Login WS 89 In Stock
Domaine Huet 2017 Vouvray Petillant Brut AOC Login
Domaine Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Clos du Bourg, AOC Login WA 95 AG 97 WS 93
Domaine Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC Login WA (95-96) AG (95-97) WS 96 In Stock
Domaine Huet 2021 Vouvray Sec, Clos du Bourg, AOC Login
Domaine Huet 2019 Vouvray Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC Login JG 95 WA 95 WS 93 On Order
Domaine Huet 2021 Vouvray Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC Login
Domaine Huet 2021 Vouvray Sec, Le Mont, AOC Login
Domaine Huet (500 ml) 2018 'Cuvée Constance' Vouvray AOC Login
Domaine Huet 2020 Vouvray Moelleux, Le Mont, AOC Login WA 96 AG 96 WS 96 <1 Case

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Since its founding in 1928, Vouvray’s Domaine Huët has been the standard-bearer for great, ageworthy Chenin Blanc. And to this day, year after year, the estate produces some of the world’s most compelling white wines—and in a remarkable range that spans sparkling, dry, semi-dry, and breathtaking dessert styles.

Chenin Blanc has been identified with Vouvray since at least the 9th century, and many of its great vineyards were known by the 14th century. By those standards, the 80-year-old Huët estate is relatively young. Yet it was this youngster that established, once and for all, that Vouvray was capable of world-class quality.

The domaine's founder, Victor Huët, was a Parisian bistro owner. However, with lungs and nerves shattered by his experiences in WWI, Victor re-settled to the town of Vouvray in France's beautiful Loire Valley. He soon purchased the first of his great vineyards, Le Haut-Lieu, in 1928, and Domaine Huët was born. Victor's son Gaston (born 1910) worked with his father from the beginning, and assumed full charge by 1937. With an obsessive devotion to quality, and an engaging showman's personality, Gaston built the Huët legacy over the next 55 years, despite spending five years in a German POW camp during WWII.

The Grand Crus
Gaston understood clearly that quality must come first-and that quality started with great vineyards. His Haut-Lieu parcel, which lies on Vouvray's "Première Côte" (or "first slope"), is home to virtually all of the appellation's acknowledged grand cru vineyards.

As the estate prospered in the post-WWII era, Gaston secured two additional prime vineyards on the Première Côte that would ensure the domaine's stature: Le Mont (purchased in 1957) and Clos du Bourg (farmed since 1953, purchased in 1963). Collectively, these three vineyards, and the wines made from them, account for Huët being the greatest of all Vouvray producers.

Le Mont is an 8-hectare estate which borders the slopes of the Loire Valley, in the first slopes area. The soil is pebbly and consists mainly of green-colored clay and silica. The wines produced are elegant and feminine. Le Haut-Lieu covers 9 hectares, with very deep clayey limestone soil, predominantly brown clay. This rather heavy soil generally produces supple wines. Le Clos du Bourg, a 6-hectare "Clos" surrounded by stone walls, is located on the first slopes above the church in Vouvray. The rather thin soil, only about one meter in depth, lies in direct contact with the non-active limestone. Le Clos du Bourg produces a powerful and well-structured wine.

A Perfect Pair
In 1971, Gaston was joined by his talented son-in-law, Noël Pinguet. Together, they crafted legendary wines from their three parcels-with the vineyards and nature dictating which grapes would become Sec, Demi-Sec, or Moelleux. The estate always held back significant stocks of older vintages, and these wines' near immortality has helped to further the Huët legend.

In 2002, with Gaston ailing, a financial partner was needed to ensure the continuation of the estate's rich legacy. Anthony Hwang, a Filipino-born, New York businessman, was brought into the partnership. Gaston passed away that year, but, with the security and enthusiasm brought by Tony, Noël Pinguet has been able to continue Gaston's important work.

In February 2012, with Huet's international reputation at arguably its highest point ever, Noël fulfilled his longstanding plan to turn the winemaking and vineyard responsibilities over to his hand-picked successor, Cellarmaster Jean-Bernard Berthomé.

Vinous 3/25/2021
"Domaine Huet is, perhaps, Vouvray's most famous name, founded almost a century ago. An early adopter of biodynamics, it was certified in 1993 when even organic producers were considered to be hippies. Production of wine styles (from dry to sweet) varies depending on the season, and the seasons are becoming more erratic every year. The original vineyard, Le Haut Lieu, was first purchased in 1928 by founder Gaston Huet. It now covers 15 hectares and remains the most fruit-forward of the estate’s sites. Clos du Bourg followed in 1953 and Le Mont in 1957. The latter is a greenish yellow clay with flint scattered and is a cooler site; it is picked the latest and takes time to express itself fully in the glass. No matter the site or the sweetness level, there is an ethereal and elegant quality to these wines that defies scientific analysis."

Vinous 10/15/2020
"I was blown away by the wines I tasted from Domaine Huet. The 2019 Secs in particular are magnificent Vouvrays that no Loire lover will want to be without. Longtime winemaker Jean-Bernard Berthomé turned out a glorious set of wines in his last vintage at the domaine. Clos du Bourg in particular is stunning. Even with the searingly hot and dry condistions, the Huet 2019s retain incredible energy and vibrancy."


  • Huet 2019 Vouvray Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC
    John Gilman View from the Cellar
    Rating: 95 (6/1/2020)

    The 2019 Le Haut Lieu Sec comes in at an even 13%, which coupled to excellent acidity, is likely to make this wine last a hundred years. The beautiful pure and concentrated nose offers up scents of lemon, quince, a hint of pear, complex, chalky soil tones, lanolin and white lilies. On the palate, the wine is deep, pure and very precise, with a full-bodied format, a rock solid core, bracing acids and stunning length and a grip on the complex and electric finish. I have to imagine that this will drink well for a few years and then close down with a vengeance for a decade or so, after which it will drink for hte next eight to nine decades! 2020-2120.
  • Huet 2019 Vouvray Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 95 (7/23/2020)

    The deep brown clay soils of the Haut-Lieu plateau provide the typical fruitiness and freshness wonderfully in Huet's 2019 Vouvray Le Haut-Lieu Sec. Ripe pear, tangerine and orange fruits with notes of lemon grass and green pimientos intertwined with very fine chalky and later tobacco notes give a remarkably fine, elegant and harmonious, subtly complex and simply gorgeous bouquet with floral (lime blossom!) and yeasty aromas that are immediately attractive. Delicate and linear on the palate, this is a pure, fresh, bone-dry, lean and textured, highly refined and perfectly interwoven Chenin with persistent purity, finesse, salty-mineral tension and very fine tannins. Highly finessed and so pure and vivacious! This is a chalky picture-book Haut-Lieu that can age for many years, even though it is already dangerously seductive! There was no dry Le Haut-Lieu produced in 2018, but the 2019 is possibly the finest, most delicate and elegant I've had in recent years, at least at this early stage. A terrific and buoyant Vouvray that any Chenin lover should try—or, better yet, cellar!
  • Huet 2019 Vouvray Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 93 (9/30/2020)

    A subtle, dry version, with an undertow of sea salt beneath the ginger, honeycomb, cardamom, green fig and quince notes. A nice crunch adds to the crystalline structure, creating a firm backbone. Tempting now, but cellar this for several years. Best from 2023 through 2033.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Clos du Bourg, AOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 95 (5/13/2021)

    The 2020 Vouvray Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec is concentrated, deep and still somewhat untamed on the clear, fresh and lemon-fruity yet darker-toned nose compared to the Haut-Lieu. Round and refined yet still with a pretty firm tannin structure, this is a rich and powerful yet elegant and persistently salty Chenin with tension, grip and a sustainable, highly promising finish. The 2020 Clos du Bourg pairs juiciness with finesse and purity with complexity.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: (95-96) (5/13/2021)

    The 2020 Vouvray Le Haut-Lieu Demi-Sec is clear, pure, subtle, deep and fresh, with highly refined chalky/sandy lemon aromas. Rich and intense yet silky textured and refined on the concentrated palate, this is a juicy, highly elegant, perfectly balanced, persistently salty and mouth-salivating Haut-Lieu with very fine tannins and a long, firm and pretty powerful but elegant and complex finish. Still more stringent than the Le Mont Demi-Sec in the beginning, but after aeration, this is not just a greatly finessed Chenin but one of the finest Haut-Lieu's I have tasted from Huet.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Moelleux, Le Mont, AOC
    The Wine Advocate
    Rating: 96 (5/13/2021)

    The 2020 Vouvray Le Mont Moelleux offers a deep, complex and concentrated bouquet of highly ripe and candied fruits yet with this coolish shimmering lime zest probably coming from the pebbly silex and deep green clay soil of this nine-hectare "grand cru." Full-bodied, rich and round on the palate, this is a dense, viscous, mouth-filling, lush and mellow yet also tight and piquant Le Mont whose complexity is lifted by dramatic drive and tension and carried to a long and salivating finish by lingering salinity. You can never go wrong in buying a Le Mont and in particular this one. This is a great effort from a very particular vintage that forced the harvest team to make the strictest selections. It was well worth the effort.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC
    Rating: (95-97) (3/1/2021)

    Pear and pineapple aromas meet fine, floral characters in the 2020 Demi-Sec Le Haut-Lieu. While this wine's edges are rounded, it is refined and elegant. It has a sense of density on the mid-palate, but it's not about weight or richness despite its demi-sec status. The wine has an intensity and a structured core reflecting the naturally low yields here. While there is 20g/L of residual sugar, a sense of freshness and underlying urgency pulls this wine through, leaving an off-dry impression.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Moelleux, Le Mont, AOC
    Rating: 96 (3/15/2021)

    There are many shouty wines in the world, but the 2020 Le Mont Moelleux is understated, which is highly attractive. There's finesse and elegance to this sweeter style (49g/L). Delicate exotic characters such as dried papaya and pineapple sit alongside floral notes. While there's excellent concentration, this remains delicate. The finish is appetizing thanks to fine acidity and phenolic structure, which hold the mouth reassuringly on the finish. An excellent wine that offers real drinkability in youth thanks to its appealing primary fruit, but there's no hurry at all to drink. A smidgen more length would take it into even higher realms (although, let's be fair, it's not far off as good as it gets).
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Clos du Bourg, AOC
    Rating: 97 (3/15/2021)

    Drinking the 2020 Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec is like taking your shoes off at the end of a long day of walking and soaking them in warm water: there's just satisfaction and relaxation. The 2020 has a sense of volume but not weight, filling the mouth with depths of pure fruit before the acid pours forth like a canal lock being opened. You can expect a hint of spice and crème caramel alongside apple and florals. I am utterly seduced.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Le Haut-Lieu, AOC
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 96 (9/1/2021)

    This broad, striking white is elegant and rich with complexity, featuring green melon, yellow fig, ginger and verbena notes, underscored with heather, stone, flint and spice details. Offers great energy and tension, showcasing expert craftsmanship. Drink now through 2036.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Moelleux, Le Mont, AOC
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 96 (9/1/2021)

    A harmonious white, with vivid complexity, offering glazed yellow fig, persimmon and Bosc pear notes intertwined with ginger, chamomile, marzipan and heather details. Notes of spice and honeysuckle waft on the long finish. Drink now through 2036.
  • Huet 2020 Vouvray Demi-Sec, Clos du Bourg, AOC
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 93 (9/1/2021)

    This alluring white imparts both elegance and drive, with ginger, quince and marzipan notes edged with heather, mineral and peach accents. Lovely, with good tension. Drink now through 2033.
  • Huet 2015 Vouvray Petillant Brut AOC
    The Wine Spectator
    Rating: 89 (11/30/2021)

    This has a floral edge along with a leesy undertone, with pastry dough, ginger, pear and almond silver flavors that are backed by a lively mousse. Easy to enjoy. Drink now.