Bodegas Torremoron

65 year old vines from El Pozo vineyard

Country of Origin: Spain
Location: Ribera del Duero
People: 300 Vine Growers, Owners | Sandra Ayuso, Winemaker
Viticulture: Practicing Organic


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Bodegas Torremorón was founded in 1957 and is owned by 300 associated vine growers collectively holding of 500 acres of vineyards. In the town of Quintanmanvirgo, at an altitude of 2703 ft. Lying within the eastern sub-region of the Ribera del Duero DO (Zone 2), in the Burgos province of Castilla. Quintanamanvirgo has a population of 94.

The average temperature between April and October is 59'F. A continental climate with hot days and cool nights, during the growing season, and moderately low annual rainfall levels providing a longer ripening period, resulting in greater complexity and the evident expressive aromatic intensity. The Ribera del Duero's eastern sub-region has a cooler climate than Rueda or Toro, due to its higher altitude. The wines produced here are usually darker, more concentrated and aromatic than wines made in the western part of Ribera del Duero. The temperatures in the Torremorón vineyards are cooler than neighboring producers at Vizcarra and Mibal.

Sand with small particles of clay with a limestone subsoil, poor in organic matter, producing yields to 5.5 pounds of grapes per vine. The soil is deep and compact in texture with a balanced pH factor contributing to crisp acidity on the palate. The climate plays a greater role than the soil, in this case, in revealing the qualities of these wines.

What makes Torremorón wines unique? 60 to 120 year old Tempranillo vines, compared to the abundance of young vines planted in the DO. An experienced viticulturist and a 50 year old tradition of wine making and it offers great quality at a fair price point, rare in Ribera del Duero.

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